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Let’s Face It  – puts people in touch with specialist Surgeons & Clinics who offer the highest quality of Surgery abroad.   By seeking out the  most advanced clinics and hospitals, with Surgeons contributing with their skill, experience and expertise,  we are able to provide the highest quality treatment in the world at affordable prices.

We make it easy for you to find the right Surgeon, one you feel confident with.   Let’s Face It  will obtain a personal assessment, arrange consultations with the Surgeons, and assist you to plan your trip, being there for you, offering a complete cycle of care, before, during and after your surgery.

Let’s Face It  acts like a secretary for the Surgeons, ensuring quick, organised communication between you and the Surgeon, negotiating the best possible price for your procedure.

From its beginning,  Let’s Face It  has expanded its horizons year on year to be able to offer you our client the best surgeons for Cosmetic – Dental – Gastric & Hair restoration.

From head to toe Let’s Face It  offers highly skilled surgeons, in approved accredited clinics at affordable prices.  No compromise has been made to your safety and welfare due to lower costs than the UK

We offer support and service to assist you throughout your Surgery, which leads to an altogether better outcome than you would ever get from day surgery here in the UK.

The difference you will experience with Let’s Face It – Together is our service. We take care of you before, during and beyond. We coordinate all your requirements together with your, Consultation, surgery and aftercare.

At each stage of your surgery journey we are easily contactable through our dedicated team.


Let's Face It Procedures

When you first contact us by email or telephone, with an enquiry, including the procedure you would like to have, depending on where you live, you will be assigned to your own LFIT manager.  They will either arrange a Consultation in person with the Surgeon here in the UK, or you can send photos, or arrange a Skype/Face time Consultation with the Surgeon.  Your LFIT personal manager will give you written feedback from the surgeon and provide you with information, including a quote and date availability.

Once you are happy with your quote, and your surgery date has been confirmed, you can look into travel/accommodation requirements with your LFIT manager’s assistance.  Tell your manager the best date for you to arrive, and they will make a booking with the surgeon, hospital/clinic for your surgery to go ahead.

After your consultant confirms the surgery date, you will be asked to confirm your travel/hotel details.  We will require you to complete within 10 working days a Medical History Form, Client Agreement, Terms & Conditions and PAF (patient arrival form) detailing all your travel information and who if anyone will be accompanying you for your surgery.

You will also be required to pay Let’s Face It – Together an administration fee of £95 this will be paid directly to us to secure your booking.   This can be paid by sending us a cheque, or bank transfer.

Your personal manager will notify you of the type payment and how to pay for your surgery when you speak.  Each country offers various methods of payment.

When you have made your booking, we send you your itinerary as well as all the information that you will need to start your surgery journey.

Depending on the type and extent of surgery will depend on the recovery time. During this time it is recommended that you simply relax and go for gentle walks. When you feel better, you can start with other activities and enjoy more options like very gentle exercise.


You will see the Nurse for dressing changes and the surgeon may want to see how your recovery is progressing before you leave.

When you return home, you will receive our Welcome Home email with further helpful information.

Our support and commitment doesn’t end here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us. We will refer any medical questions to the surgeon and get feedback for you. Many procedures change and develop over time, so you will not be able to see the final result for 6-9 months.

Let's Face It Procedures

Consultation With The Surgeon

This consultation is a very important consultation with your surgeon. Be sure to discuss all your questions and make sure that you are happy with the answers. Remember that this is your consultation and your questions, so no question is too small, big or silly! Often patients are quite nervous so it is a good idea to write down all the questions you have to ask. Breast implant size is extremely important, as we are all very different with the size we want, it is important to be as clear as possible what you want and what you don’t want.

Surgery Day

Your personal LFIT manager will give you all the details regarding your admittance to the Clinic/hospital and be in contact with you whilst you are away. Everything will have been arranged, so you don’t have to worry about anything except relaxing and being comfortable in your room.

Post Surgery Care

You will have follow up appointments with the surgeon after your procedure to ensure you are healing and recovering well. This is a very important step to take in the recovery process, which is often unavailable, or expensive in the UK.

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