Case Studies

The Bottom Line

For more than 20 years I had been padding my flat bum out with toilet paper like a self-conscious teenager stuffing their bra. When I got married, I wore a horrible baggy suit to disguise my bum and wouldn’t let anyone take photos. Now thanks to a generous Christmas present from my Mum, I can show off a pair of perky buttocks worthy of Kylie Minogue!! When I was younger my figure swelled to a size 22, weighing over 16 stone, I joined a slimming group and shred over 9 stone but weight loss left me with a flat shapeless bottom. My sister went with the company Let’s Face It Together who specialise in cosmetic surgery abroad to have a tummy tuck, she consulted the surgeon about my problem and the surgeon advised buttock implants. Shortly after, I flew out for the surgery that would change my life. The surgery took an hour and a half and the surgeon made an incision in the crevice between my bum cheeks to insert the implants into the pocket created behind the muscle. After the surgery, I was able to admire the results straightaway as my new bum looked perky and shapely even through I had support bandages. All my friends and family are now jealous of my twenty something bum and think its money well worth spent”

Redundant And On The Scrap Heap

When I was handed a redundancy notice after 18 years of loyal service, I felt like I’d been thrown on the scrap heap. My confidence was in tatters, I wondered how I would ever find another job when there were always so many younger candidates going for the same position. I decided to take a long, hard look at myself; I simply hated what she saw – bad teeth, saggy lined skin and sad eyes. So I decided to use some of my redundancy money for a dramatic make over. I turned to the Internet to start researching cosmetic surgery. I came across a website that offered tailor made packages for cosmetic surgery abroad at a fraction of what it would cost in the UK. I contacted Let’s Face It Together who arranged for me to attend a consultation with the surgeon in the UK. The surgeon agreed a face lift with eye rejuvenation that would knock years off me!! I also agreed with him that a mini tuck and breast lift and implants would be good to do at the same time. I also opted to have my teeth fixed, and this was arranged again in London where I was given two quotes through Let’s Face It – Together, one for treatment in London and the other for treatment in Budapest – saving me £££££

The next month, I flew for the surgery that would change my life. Upon arrival I went straight to the clinic for my pre op check-up. The clinic was so clean and professional. I was in theatre for 5 hours and when I came round my head was bandaged completely, gradually the swelling went down and my new sculptured face started to show through. After 10 days I flew home to my but best reaction was from my daughters who gasped in amazement when they saw their new younger looking Mum. Just a few weeks later, I looked and felt 20 years younger. I never thought I’d do something like this, so, really, the redundancy was a blessing in disguise. Now, not only am I looking forward to finding a new job, but I’ve also got the confidence to try something new.

Lipo Sucks

I’ve always been a size 10 up top, but my generous thighs and hips made by bottom half a size 14 – 16 so I never dreamt of wearing skinny jeans and pencil skirts. I had tried a mixture of diets, running on treadmills, cutting out junk food, but nothing seemed to work. I was moaning about my thunder thighs to a girl at work who confessed she’d gone to Belgium a few years ago to have liposuction. She was thrilled with the results and gave me the number of the company, Let’s Face It Together, and I got in touch. Jenny and her team arranged for a FREE Consultation with the Surgeon and helped me arrange everything for my trip.

I would fly to Belgium – have my surgery, then spend a day and night in Antwerp before flying home. I thought it sounded brilliant and, at £1995 for 3 sites, it was so much cheaper than Lipo in the UK. I flew out to Belgium with my husband for support and started to feel butterflies of excitement. I wasn’t even nervous when the surgeon swished black pen all over my wobbly bits. I was so excited about looking slim and an evenly shaped body. The operation took just over two hours and I came round surprisingly pain-free. I went back to the hotel to relax with some other people who had travelled through Let’s Face It – Together all chatting and excited about our results. My partner and I had dinner and an early night and planned to do shopping the next day. I felt bruised and sore but the surgeon told me to keep active and to continue wearing the pressure garment to combat the swelling. Over the next few weeks, I watched what I ate and wore the garment religiously. Gradually, my lumps started to disappear and 12 weeks later I slipped into size 10 skinny jeans for the first time. It was an amazing feeling and Let’s Face It Together helped me turn my dream into a reality.

My Trauma Changed My Life - For The Better

In 1991 I was a victim of an armed robbery, it was just an ordinary day and I am just an ordinary person, but as I started to close up the shop where I worked, three armed men came marching in. The pointed their guns at me and pushed me in to the water meter near the fire exit. One of the men then hit me over the head with the butt of his automatic weapon. They hand cuffed me and to my delight the police turned up; I thought my nightmare was over. It was only the beginning, I was taken to hospital with a fractured skull, bruising on my face and muscle spasms in my neck due to the force I was hit with. After about three years of struggling with post traumatic stress, I decided to make a positive decision and have nose surgery (Rhinoplasty), to repair the damage to my nose which reminded me daily of what I had been through. I had the cosmetic surgery through Let’s Face It – Together who constantly supported me throughout the whole time and the results were stunning. “Having the plastic surgery helped me to make many life changing decisions and positive changes”. My life has changed in so many ways now and I feel I have achieved all I wanted too, and my new nose certainly gave me the confidence I needed to move on.

A Perfect Smile After 30 Years

My dentist had given me a final warning: “The only way we can save what little gums you have left is with dental implants, and sooner rather than later!” But the cost was well out of my reach and I would need at least a dozen implants at between £1,800 and £2,500 each, and that didn’t include the teeth. They estimated £34,000 roughly, but this could change as the treatment was carried out.

Then a friend told me about a company called Let’s Face It – Together who had Gastric Bypass surgery with them – she said they helped people get all sorts of surgery abroad at affordable prices. So after suffering with ill-fitting dentures for 30 years, I made the decision to get in touch.

Angela from Let’s Face It – Together arranged a Consultation in London for me, and told me I would get two quotes: one for treatment in London and another for Budapest.

I chose Budapest because of the saving in having 12 implants (seven in my top jaw after two bone grafts, five in the bottom jaw) and I would need to travel to Budapest 3 times due to bone grafts and sinus lift. The Budapest price was £5400 and the London price was £11,000

I booked my flights 2 months prior to my departure and they where only £67 return. Airport transfers and my daily visits to the clinic where arranged by the Clinic and included in my package price. The Hotel the Clinic booked on my behalf was clean, very cheap and comfortable. The staff at the clinic, my Dentist and his team where helpful, friendly and made me feel very comfortable.
Treatment commenced on March 2014 and is now complete. Was it worth it? – YES YES YES
I’m proud of my beautiful new teeth, and enjoy being able to eat comfortably and smile with confidence.

Gastric Surgery Success

These are just some of the fantastic results that have been achieved with gastric surgery.

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