Throw away your glasses forever – Cataract & Eye Surgery in Prague

New lenses for life - Never wear contacts or glasses again

If you are over 40 years of age and wish to see without glasses or contact lenses, then the trifocal lens implant is the right solution for you.

The trifocal lens is the next generation of bifocal and multifocal IOL intraocular lens. Our Trifocal lens meets the highest requirements for quality and vision perfection to near, intermediate, and far distances. It is a great alternative to varifocal lenses (glasses). The lens implants will give you your vision back and prevent any development of cataract in later stages of your life.

One of the crucial factors in patient satisfaction with trifocal IOLs is the pre-operative measurements of your eye – also called biometry. The latest technology and techniques provide measurements of unprecedented accuracy. These tests will be carried out the first morning of your arrival.

What we do - simple, painless procedure

‘With this trifocal lens, the centre circle is for focusing far away, the next is for close-up vision and the next is for everything in between.

‘The brain instinctively chooses which part to concentrate on and which to ignore. The patient can see near and far and everywhere around them, unlike with a pair of varifocal or bifocal glasses. ‘It is also an excellent option for active, short-sighted people who find glasses would get in the way.’

It is carried out under local anaesthetic using a state-of-the-art computer-guided laser and takes just a few minutes. The laser fragments the eye’s natural lens, while simultaneously making an incision the size of a full stop into the eye. Through this incision, the tiny pieces of the natural lens are then removed through a fine tube, before the trifocal lens is inserted through the same incision.

What to expect after surgery

You can return to work the day after surgery and they should notice an improvement in their vision the next day, if not sooner. As the brain gradually adjusts over a couple of weeks, things will get even better.

  • You can enjoy sports and outdoor activities
  • Improve the quality of your life
  • Not have to deal with the dangers of poor eyesight such as falls or injuries.
  • Quick recovery and back to life with new eyes
  • Never get cataracts

How much does this cost

The cost of the surgery is just 3100 Euros (Flights and hotels extra). We look after you while you are in Prague and are accompanied by one of our experienced staff.

Phone Jenny today as places fill up quickly and start enjoying a new life with great vision - 07775 700 473